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Nursery trays and its use

A nursery tray or a seed tray is a cultivating apparatus explicitly intended to hold numerous seeds, beginning from the germination stage, until the seedlings are prepared for transplantation. It is usually made of plastic with small ‘cups’ or cells that have tiny holes underneath. Nursery trays are mostly reusable. Some have a dome to help increase humidity levels or steaming pads that accelerate germination pace.


Studies show that nursery trays progressively help in effective utilization of lands and increased productivity. Other benefits include effective utilization of hybrid seeds, a continuing precise forecast of harvest, crop uniformity and generally making farming easier.


They can be used to sow legumes, veggies, leafy salads and the likes of it but not long-rooted crops like carrots. It is advised to avoid over crowding a cell with seeds, one or two is fine.


Nursery trays are definitely a blessing to the agricultural sector!


Let’s know what you think and if you need help finding someone who sells nursery trays.


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