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Challenges facing agricultural marketing in Nigeria

Our CEO, Linda Ekweogu was live on instagram with talkwithnaya (Chigbufue Anastasia) on the 16th of May 2020. She briefly explained what AGROLINKA is all about and went into detail about some challenges facing marketing in the agricultural sector in Nigeria. They are as follows;

1.     Logistics. An example was given where a 45-ton truck was required to transport farm produce to another state. Unfortunately, there was no standby truck.

Suggested solution: For Government or interested individuals to create an app(s), companies that mobilize trucks to transport farm produce. The issue of bad roads(network) and hoodlums needs to be tackled too.

2.     Agricultural Marketing

She made us understand that marketing starts as early as the awareness created for the farm produce (planting, assembling, grading, storing, etc.) till when it gets to the end user. 

Here, an irrigation example was used. Apps could be created to monitor when a farm in whichever location needs such services (yes, you heard right).

3.     Infiltration of fraudsters on apps. AGROLINKA manages this by disbursing funds to seller only when a buyer confirms product is received.

4.     Gaining the trust of potential customers.

5.     Fluctuation of prices. Government should create bodies to regulate prices of food produce.

6.     Reinvesting into existing platforms. Agricultural blogging was mentioned as a deficit to the Agric sector. As other sectors such as lifestyle blossom, enthusiasts of agriculture are beckoned to use social media platforms to enlighten this sector.

Remember that there is a cluster feature on the app that enables off takers order in massive quantity. He creates a cluster of product A and every farmer of A receives this information and joins. Isn’t it great?

Don’t forget you can also upload your farm produce on the AGROLINKA app and buy from it, from the comfort of your homes.

Health is wealth! Let’s keep staying safe and eating healthy.


AGROLINKA: Connecting agricultural markets.

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