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The African farmers’ stories: Market access for Agropreneurs

On the 20th of July 2020, AgroLinka was represented by our co-founder, Ms. Linda Ekweogu, on twitter @AgribusinessCentre – The African Farmers Stories.

Ms. Linda briefed us shortly on her working experience as follows:

1.     Going into agriculture was not forethought but she’s pleased she followed her instincts (4 years down the line already).

2.     She is a first-class degree holder of Statistics.

3.     Being an effective communicator, she has worked for NGOs, in Research units and so on.

4.     She has worked as a Monitoring and evaluation officer, Research officer.

Ms. Linda went on to introduce AgroLinka as an agricultural mobile marketplace which gives our farmers and agro commodity traders the visibility they seek. All being housed in a platform that hopes to curtail post-harvest losses.

Our cluster feature plays a great role in the aggregation of agricultural produce. Here, the off takers create a cluster where farmers who have the required minimum quantity of produce can join.

This takes us to MARKET ACCESS. AgroLinka bridges this problem by advising farmers to upload their produce before harvesting and of course, stating availability of these produce. For example, when a farmer plants his tomato seeds early April, knowing it will take three months or more (from his experience), he can upload on the AgroLinka app that his produce would be available from July.

The above example will help the farmer curtail post-harvest losses and during this window, get access to the market. 

Ms. Linda further wrote, “The market access value chain covers all that one has to do with being able to market one’s agricultural goods/services… Market access is therefore not just the sales, but every factor that contributes to making a successful sale”. 

This means from harvesting sellable farm produce, to grading, storage, transportation, to sale make up the value chain.

To be continued next week......

Remember, Health is wealth! Let’s keep staying safe and eating healthy.


AGROLINKA: Connecting agricultural markets.


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