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Prepping for the Next Farming Season

Now that our plants have been harvested, the next step is to prepare our lands for the next season. In no order, let’s take you through the process below.

Land – While trying to sell or store produce, do not forget to take care of the soil that grew them. Practices like uprooting leftover plants, weeding, adding manure to boost soil fertility are the basics. Agricultural experts encourage farmers to practice crop rotation too. 

Equipment – All equipment used during the season should be cleaned and kept in a cool dry place. One will also have to inspect these gadgets for damage or for the regular maintenance check. This helps the equipment last longer and in return, saves farmer cost of new equipment, time to manually do things because gadget is spoilt.

Farmers – We know farmers are busy as bees, but it pays off to know when to take a break. Use the break before the next season to catch your breath again.

Paperwork – This aspect of farming cannot be over emphasized. This is the key to loans, investments and contracts. This data should be collected for every planting season. It helps the farmer gain exact knowledge on activities on the farm.

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The COVID cases are still on the rise, let’s remember to keep staying safe and eating healthy. 

Health is wealth!


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