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It is the Christmas season again where Christians across the earth commensurate the birth of Jesus. It is also one of the festive seasons where Rice is eaten the most, here in Nigeria. Statistics show that a good number of the Nigerian population consumes rice, a minimum of once a week. This makes rice a staple food in Nigeria. Nigerians have various rice recipes like the famous “Nigerian Jollof”, White rice with sauce, Tuwo Shinkafa, Rice pancakes and so on. The interesting thing is, almost every ethnic group has a special recipe of rice. Rice gives us carbohydrate (class of food) and experts tell us it is high in fiber and gluten-free. Its by-products are mostly used in poultry and dairy feeds. Here at Agrolinka, we are working hard to meet your demands. Currently, we deal on local rice, which is stone free, medium-sized, tastes good and affordable. Rice wey pass rice! Do not forget to stop by the Agrolinka app, our Facebook or Instagram pages to place your rice orders. You can also write to us on Whatsapp on 08035335943. The COVID cases are unfortunately still on the rise, let’s remember to keep staying safe and eating healthy. Health is wealth! AGROLINKA: Connecting agricultural markets.

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