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Have you ever paid a visit to medium or large farms? Or seen a drone image of farms with green houses? They look beautiful and great!


So, a ‘greenhouse’ is a house for crops and according to Wiki goes way back to the 13th century. Whether it’s the naturally ventilated greenhouse or the hi-tech greenhouse, its main function is to shield crops from too much heat or cold and pests. The greenhouse also makes it attainable to plant some kinds of crops all year. This is one of the reasons it has gained more importance over the years.


Other known benefits of greenhouses are that they help in keeping up feasible food yield and supply, they reduce irrigation compared to normal farming. Studies have also shown that farming in greenhouses reduces duration of cropping and increases farm yield.

Greenhouses are definitely the way forward in Nigerian agricultural sector.


You do know there’s a service feature on the agrolinka app? This where as a service/input provider or as one searching for such service, you can upload or search for agricultural services.

You can also upload your farm produce on the AGROLINKA app and also buy from it, from the comfort of your homes.


Remember, Health is wealth! Let’s keep staying safe and eating healthy.



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