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Planting season in Nigeria and how Agrolinka helps you during this season.

Discussion and trainings with our farmers and agents say these days especially for those practicing modern day farming, that there is no particular planting season they follow. Unlike the small-scale farmers who rely on the weather (the dry or rainy seasons) to plant their crops. This is due to the wait for the rains to soften the soil for easy germination of crops, which is cost effective for farmers.

Another reason is that some crops just do better during the rainy season than the dry season.

Let’s talk about some basic steps to take before any planting season.


Survey of farmland: Having your farmland checked for erosion/flooding and other necessities.

Season plan: Having a detailed plan for your planting season. This will be checking what type of crop(s) to plant and practicing crop rotation as it helps the quality of farm produce. Also, procurement of materials needed, for example, hybrid seeds, manure, pesticides, machineries, crates, need to be done on time. Agrolinka has a service feature on the app that helps you buy or sell your agricultural services.

Farm shift: Here, it is made sure that workers know when certain crop requirements are carried out such as staking for tomatoes or adding manure at a certain age of the plant.

Harvest: This cannot be over emphasised. A farm manager should prepare well for harvest by having ready off takers. Agrolinka readily takes up this task to find buyers to take off with good prices.

Paperwork: Another important step is documenting everything that happened during the planting season, as it helps the business grow. Agrolinka helps you with a part of this by recording your transactions made from our app which we can always make available to you for your application for bids, grants, loans.


Do check out our previous posts for what to do after the planting season.


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Let’s continue to stay safe as the Covid-19 cases are still on the rise.


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