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Huge post-harvest losses of farm produce remain a daunting challenge to farmers in Nigeria due to inadequate storage and processing facilities. This problem has far reaching implications for food security in Africa’s largest economy.

A peasant farmer in say Plateau State would struggle through the cropping season to tend to his cucumber farm. His expectation which would be to make reasonable returns would be met during the harvest season but due to lack of access to the right market and adequate storage facilities, the farmer loses a huge fortune.

Millions of Nigerian smallholder farmers work very hard to plant all sorts of crops and harvest them, but often can’t guarantee that the harvest will make it to the market, if eventually the crops make it to the market they can’t guarantee sales as well.

AGROLINKA is an agricultural online trading platform which facilitates trade between smallholder farmers and/or large scale farmers and consumers or buyers.

It is a mobile market place for agricultural goods such as fresh farm produce (cassava, tomatoes, yam, maize etc), seeds, and equipment. It brings together consumers, dealers, and producers allowing farmers to find best deals.

On Agrolinka, farmers can showcase all their products to buyers from the comfort of their homes, this platform will serve as a social network between farmers, buyers, service provider and input providers. This is the right step in reducing post harvest losses as farmers can connect to buyers from all over the country and beyond.

AGROLINKA: Connecting agricultural markets

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