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Scarcity of food items due to the coronavirus pandemic (covid-19)

The COVID-19 seemed to break out in most countries late January 2020. A month later, Nigeria recorded its first case. From increase in cases, to citizens having panic, to lockdown in most states; all these have led to shortage or scarcity of food items especially fresh food supplies and food prices in the open markets have been hiked.

A typical example would be madam CD34 trying to sell off the produce from her garden at the main market in Ogun state. The lockdown would be a reason, for not being able to sell her goods.

The average age of a nigerian farmer is put at 55. Data from other countries suggest that covid-19 has a much higher level of severity amongst the older population. This might result to these farmers staying indoors to avoid contracting the virus which in turn results in decrease in farm outputs.

The good news is, awareness has been created. Before the lockdown, some market sellers have taken some precautions such as; providing disposable nylon gloves for customers before they (customers) touch their products and practicing social distancing (six feet or one hundred and eighty-three centimeters away from the next person). In some cases, the use of sanitizers is advised.

Health is wealth! Let us keep staying safe and eating healthy.

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